2017…..So far.

No, this isn’t a “Best of…”

Firstly, that would sound a little bit smug to say the least and, secondly, I’ve still got another wedding to do this year.  So prematurely smug then?  Call it what you like.

However, I have been involved in some amazing weddings this year.  I’m always so grateful that you couples let me get involved, up close and able to capture the moments and the moments between the moments for you.  So this is more of a “thank you” to all of you happy couples this year who have let me shoot your wedding days, I’ve loved every one of them.

Here’s a selection of images from some of those wedding days.  There’s no rhyme, reason or order to them – a bit like myself really.  Hopefully what they do show are the laughs, tears, friendships, drinking, dancing, drinking, more laughs, more tears, more drinking, more laughs, more….you get the idea.

Thanks again to all you love birds, more of the same next year please.  xxx





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