Laura & Tony – Hampshire Wedding at Tithe Barn

As Weddings go, this was quite a big one!

The Tithe Barn in Hampshire was the setting for Laura and Tony’s Wedding day and quite a setting it was too.  I must admit that I thought I had my work cut out for me knowing the number of guests that were attending, but it couldn’t have been a more enjoyable day.  Seeing the amount of people there showed how popular a couple these two are.  Add to that the amount of tears that were shed showed just how emotional a day it was too.

Having known Laura and a lot of her friends for some time, it was nice to be there and to be a part of their celebrations.  I think we all enjoyed the videographer falling over while we did a few portraits too – I’ll let you guess below when that happened, there’s a couple of shots that should give it away….

Laura and Tony, thanks for having me – Here’s a little review of your day.




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