Nancy & James – Shorne Village Wedding

When Nancy and James told me about the plans for their wedding day, I was nearly as excited as them about it!  A big party in the garden of Nancy’s parent’s house in the cosy little village of Shorne in Kent.  The fact that Nancy’s parents had celebrated their wedding in the same way in the very same garden added a nice touch to the day.

The good old British weather wasn’t on the same page unfortunately and chose to chuck a load of wind and rain into the equation!  This led to a few last minute preparations, such as pulling a gazebo off of the roof of the marquee after it had been blown on top of it….  Not to mention making sure the marquee itself was as water tight as possible.  But as much as the British weather was against them, the British spirit was there in abundance and everyone pulled together to make sure everything was ok.

To be fair to Nancy and James though, they weren’t bothered about the weather.  They’d both put a lot of time, care and effort into the day and they were just looking forward to celebrating and sharing it with all of their friends and family.  And that’s exactly what they did.  I may have joined them for a few drinks too…

Here’s a little review of their day.



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