Amber & Jay – London Wedding Photography, Clissold House

Let’s be honest – Weddings can be fairly stressful to arrange.  There’s decisions that need making, numbers that need crunching, dresses that need buying, photographers that need choosing…..ahem.  But don’t let this put you off at all, it’s all worth it in the end – plus, I like my job….

This London Wedding was no different.  Amber and Jay had some last minute rearranging to do – the best laid plans and all that.  Their little boy, Oscar, was feeling pretty under the weather too.  Thankfully though they pressed on with their plans and luckily I still got to be a part of it all.  Their wedding at Clissold House was a great one – Set in the middle of Clissold Park, the 18th century mansion house was a perfect setting for their intimate ceremony before their family and friends, finished off with drinks out on the terrace.

So please keep getting married everyone, it all works out ok in the end and is worth the occasional stresses that may pass your way.  Just make sure you hire me to capture it all for you…!

Amber and Jay, here’s a look at your day.




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